Jace McClasky

jaceAOur boutique legal practice focuses on divorce and post-divorce issues, prenuptial agreements and mediation.

My increasing focus and specialty is mediation of divorce and post-divorce issues as well as prenuptial agreements. Through mediation, I provide an environment in which both parties can voice their current and past frustrations, while discussing their desires for the future and listening and responding to what is important to the other party. At Burke McClasky Stevens, we  then lay out sensible solutions for asset and debt division, monthly support and a parenting plan (when applicable) and are able to finalize the divorce or post-divorce issue with minimal or no Court appearances. Through prenuptial agreements, we allow couples to respectfully identify and protect their pre-marital and non-marital assets and clearly state how those assets shall be divided should the marriage end in divorce. We can also address support and other future financial issues in ways that satisfy both parties, without leaving these issues for a judge to decide at a later date.

We derive positive outcomes for our clients through strong and effective communication, while treating them with great dignity and respect.

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